Call for Papers – Workshop in Colombia


Humanity is facing a civilizational crisis. Unlike previous challenges on warfare, conflicts, and geopolitical tensions experienced during the 20th century, the contemporary era has a vital environmental component. The potential for civilizational breakdown has been accelerated by Anthropocene-induced environmental, climatic, energy, water, and food concerns. This crisis is punctuated by specific elements of the growth model that propelled carbon-intensive industrialization in the Global North, notably underpinned by intensive processes of commodity production, which has been elevated as a universal logic for progress in the last 25 years. In so doing, economic growth under neoliberalism exacerbated the expenditure of materials and energy.

The proposed workshop sets out to answer the following questions:

  • What are the continuities and changes in natural resource governance models between the 20th and 21st centuries, and to what extent is a new governance model emerging in the race to secure critical raw materials (CRMs) in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia? 
  • What common social, economic, and political factors have driven countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia to undertake particular pathways on energy transition?
  • What are the common driving forces in East Asia that have shaped their industrial and energy policies, and in turn, their decisions on investment, trade and finance, in relation to their energy transition plans? 

The workshop aims to attract conceptually innovative and empirically grounded, data-driven papers for a double publication initiative, firstly a special issue proposal and secondly an edited book with a major university press, which will be led by the GRIP-ARM research team and our network.

Full call for papers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese can be found here.

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