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Call for Papers

As part of the ERC Project GRIP-ARM, I am organizing panels in two separate conferences. The first panel is for the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), which would be the European equivalent of APSA in the US ( The panel will fit nicely in a section called “Energy and Society” (check here: Deadline is […]

Research InSightS Live No. 1: Climate Change – A Story of Seduction and Destruction.

On June 03, 2021, I was one of the speakers at the event “Research InSightS Live No. 1: Climate Change: A Story of Seduction and Destruction”, hosted by the International Institute of Social Studies. Here, I discuss the geopolitical challenges to our adaptation of clean technology and the green transition. If you wish to know […]

GRIP-ARM Call for PhD applications

I am currently advertising two PhD positions for my ERC Starting Grant “Green Industrial Policy in the Age of Rare Metals: A Trans-regional Comparison of Growth Strategies through Rare Earths Mining” (GRIP-ARM). The GRIP-ARM project, and the researchers that are part of this team, will contribute to understanding how mineral exporters can design industrial strategies in pursuit of […]

Rare Earths and the New Battleground for Geo-economic Supremacy*

In a recent FT article, Beijing has proposed to further impose an export restrictions on rare earths elements (REEs), which would potentially harm U.S. weapons and other manufacturing sectors. This is the latest episode of what appears to be worsening U.S.-China relations, which began under Trump’s policy to make imports of U.S. technology—especially high-tech semiconductors—difficult for […]

My appointment at the Institute of Social Studies

It is now official! Here is the short statement about my new appointment at the International Institute of Social Studies as Senior Lecturer/UD1. My move is facilitated by the new ERC Starting Grant which begins on February 1st, 2021. The new global political economy is increasingly defined by critical raw materials, of which rare earths elements are […]

Guest Lecture at ISCTE Interdisciplinary PhD Programme on Political Economy

Today, I gave a lecture on Industrial Policy as a focal point of analysis when we study state-led development. This is by no means a one man show. I simply introduced some of the ideas that our special issue participants have been debating for months. However, the project builds upon a very successful special issue […]

Call for Papers: Workshop on “Leveraging Chinese dreams and capital: State power dynamics and sub-national industrial manoeuvres”

Convenors:              Linda Yin-nor Tjia, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Jewellord Nem Singh, Leiden University, the Netherlands Ever since China announced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013, many academic research, policy reports, and journalistic commentaries have been very sceptical about the intentions and outcomes of such a massive infrastructure plan. […]

New (second!) special issue published!

In this project, I and my co-editor Kate Macdonald from Melbourne University examine the process of norm diffusion of global environmental standards into domestic policy arenas in selected developing countries.

Workshop: The Impact of Global Governance Norms on Domestic Resource Politics

The Impact of Global Governance Norms on Domestic Resource Politics Lead Convenors: Kate Macdonald, University of Melbourne, Australia ( Jewellord Nem Singh, University of Sheffield, UK ( University of Sheffield, June 22-23, 2015 **** We have also crossposted the CfP in the PSA Website: ***** The politics surrounding governance of extractive resource sectors—encompassing mineral oil and […]

Workshop: Developmental States beyond East Asia

Workshop: Developmental States beyond East Asia  Newcastle University, United Kingdom Friday, June 5, 2015  Sponsored by: School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University Development Politics Specialist Group, Political Studies Association   Organizers: Jojo Nem Singh, University of Sheffield/ PSA Development Politics Jesse Salah Ovadia, Newcastle University   Developmental States beyond East Asia is a small […]