Research Projects

I am currently involved in several research projects funded by various agencies. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

State Ownership in Latin America’s Oil and Mining

This is a single-authored monograph examining why and how SOEs persist in strategic industries as a response to economic globalization.

The Politics of Negotiating and Designing Industrial Policy

This special issue edited for Third World Quarterly focusses on the politics and institutions associated with industrial policies in the 21st century.

Protest Politics in the Global South

A collaborative research programme with Isamu Okada on the roots of political protests in Latin America and Asia.


GRIP-ARM is a five-year research programme funded by the European Research Council examining the global demand and supply of rare earths mining and its implications for industrialization, security and sustainability.

Leveraging Chinese Dreams and Capital

This collaborative project with Linda Yin-nor Tjia maps out and explains the consequences of the BRI project for industrial development.

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