GRIP-ARM Call for PhD applications

I am currently advertising two PhD positions for my ERC Starting Grant “Green Industrial Policy in the Age of Rare Metals: A Trans-regional Comparison of Growth Strategies through Rare Earths Mining” (GRIP-ARM).

The GRIP-ARM project, and the researchers that are part of this team, will contribute to understanding how mineral exporters can design industrial strategies in pursuit of their national economic and security objectives, as well as examining the responses of end-user manufacturing companies and national governments both in securing stable access of rare earth elements and in facilitating the transition towards sustainable development.

The project consists of five work packages:

  • State controlled export dominance and resource conservation to support New Silk Road Campaign (China)
  • Accelerated exploitation through resource nationalism (Brazil)
  • Supply chain consolidation through joint ventures with MNEs (Kazakhstan)
  • Responses from resource-consuming countries and firms
  • The Global Value Chain of Rare Earth Mining

Full details and application

Full details of these PhD positions, including application procedure, is available on Academic TransferOpens external

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